Taking Prom Portraits at The Dance or By Professional Photographer

Aca-AC0034-GoogleSo, you’re ready for the high school prom. You have your dress laid out. Your shoes are polished, you have your makeup ready. Now, what’s going to make the day memorable for years to come?

You get to the prom and there’s a line of impatient kids waiting to get their pictures taken by the hired dance photographer. You finally get up there to take your shot and you are rushed through. The photographer is stressed to get as many couples taken before they all leave the line.

What’s the safest thing to so to make the moment is captured? Go to a professional photographer and have your prom portraits taken without being rushed. You can bring your dress and your date in his tuxedo and you can both have portraits done without the hurry and stress. We have taken these types of prom date portraits before and they are usually stunning.

It’s the start of the senior year at your high school. Above everything else at school make sure getting a good photographer is on your list of priorities.

We can do that for you. We have a professional portrait studio here in San Antonio, Texas. Make an appointment with us. It’s worth it to take a little time out of your day.