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I am a professional photographer in San Antonio Texas. I specialize in portraits. I have been a photographer professionally for 21 years and I love the art of creating.

Black and White Photos In The Studio With Richard’s Photography

Black-White-Headshots-6143_ppHere’s a real estate agent from San Antonio Texas. She needed some professional photography images for her marketing materials, business cards and website. She also used her photos for her social media accounts.

She chose to take her photos in black and white. They actually look very nice and the pose speaks for itself.

She specializes in real estate for home buyers in the San Antonio area. Many real estate agents often need photographers for various reasons. Some reasons include photography for home sales. Photos are taken of the home interior as well as the outside exterior of the home. The photographer takes all kinds of angles of the rooms in the house then goes outside to photograph various angles of the front, back and yards of the home.

We provide professional portrait photography for realtors and real estate agents in their office, on location or in our home office studio. Get in touch with us to let us know the type of photography you need. We also do all type of family photography in case you are in the market foe a good family photographer.

Visit one of our online portfolio galleries for headshot photography. We do many kinds of images when photographing business people. Before you make any decisions on who to hire for your photo needs consider us for your needs. We love what we do for our customers.

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Which Form of Photography Can People Choose to do? Color Or Black and White?

Black and White Photography

When taking headshot photography photos, do you prefer to take shots working with color photos or white and black?

black and white photography san antonio texas

Woman Photography in Black and White

It really took an extended period of time for the quality of color photography to exceed the outcomes produced through black and white. And with a prolonged tradition of white and black images going back before the US Civil War, critics of color images won the day.

The dispute over appeal and choice worrying color vs. black and white photography has raved for decades. There are lively advocates of each. Traditionalists say that white and black presents a more formal look than color photos. Color photography shows the appeal of the real world as we see it. The general trend has long been towards color. It is really more easy today and cheaper to produce.

Color Photography

Color in Today’s Photos

The resurgence of color photography yielded the decline in the usage black and white. Black and white slowly became the exception as the inventory of film and accessories to develop them diminished.

The development in innovation has actually made the output of color photography relatively remarkable. More than that color can catch information strongly, technology has allowed the conversion of black and white pictures in the direction of through to color.

Professional photographers, both the beginners and specialists, use color to highlight specific details showed in pictures. And color pays for a lot more flexibility in the likeness of virtually any subject, ranging from people, to wild things, and inanimate objects.

Renewal of Black and White

family portrait in color

Family Portrait in Color

White and black at the same time adds a classy touch and historical feel to a picture. Print marketing and wedding images commonly use black and white pictures. Photography classes utilize white and black to assist identify the end results of light on movie.

Though it has actually appeared nearly outdated, monochrome film has actually kept much of its initial appeal on the planet of photography. And it is experiencing a rebirth in the industry. To many users, white and black catches some of the oft whitewashed attributes of its subjects that color disguises.

Precisely what Looks better with What?

The quarrel over beauty and choice worrying color vs. white and black photography has raged for decades. Traditionalists reason that white and black introduces a more official appearance than color images. It took a long period of time of time for the quality of color photography to exceed the outcomes produced through white and black. Plus with a lengthy tradition of white and black photos going back prior to the US Civil War, critics of color photos won the day. To considerable amounts of people, black and white catches several of the oft glossed over characteristics of its subjects in which color camouflages.

Color pictures of wars, mishaps and other such blood-filled or violent occasions, however, are too repulsive for lots of audiences, however far more tasty when observed in black and white.

We have options. Normally pictures of landscape, flowers, family pets, butterflies, and other parts of the creation displaying a wide spectrum of color are best seized in color since it stresses the topic’s true strength and beauty.

When recorded in color and others more sentimental in white and black, there are photos more classy. Given that technology allows us to benefit from the benefits of each, using among these photographic choices generally dependents on individual preferences.

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Starting In Photography: Selecting The Right Lens For Scenic and Landscapes

There is an excessive selection of options when it comes to choosing lenses for SLR cameras. From large angle to telephoto, zoom to prime lenses, fish eye, fast lenses, large aperture lenses, the choice seems to be impossible. It’s not really. Exactly what it boils down to is asking yourself a basic concern: What do I wish to shoot?

Scenic Photography of a Hawk

Different Lenses for Different Subjects

If you are just starting in photography, possibilities are you are still experimenting and finding out exactly what you prefer to shoot. You might shoot a few family pictures one day and landscapes from your vacations the next. On the other hand, you might have decided right from the start that you enjoy taking images of wild animals and this is all you wish to do. Either way, the lenses required to get the very best out of these topics vary significantly. To fit an extensive landscape image into your viewfinder, you would require a wide angle lens. Nevertheless, attempting to take a picture with the very same lens would result in a small little person and very little else in the frame unless you are ideal in that person’s face and smelling their breath. While trying to take an image of a wild bear from 100 or more meters away is just difficult (and you truly do not want to get any closer to a wild bear). In an ideal world you would have 3 different lenses for each of these subjects. In an ideal world you ‘d likewise be a millionaire and be able to manage them all. So the important things to do is to choose what type of photography interests you and select your lenses appropriately.

Length: Zoom versus Prime

There are benefits to using both zoom lenses and prime (fixed or non zoom) lenses. On one hand, zoom lenses are flexible, and minimize the need for an entire bag full of lenses that you have to change and alter once again while you are out shooting. On the other hand, a good quality prime lens can be gold. Prime lenses, if they are well developed, usually produce a crisper, better quality image. This is since they have fewer pieces of glass and moveable parts. Therefore the light being available in doesn’t need to pass through as numerous items therefore is less diffused. The other great advantage of prime lenses is that because of this, they tend to be “faster” than zoom lenses. Practically, this means that you can use slower shutter speeds as the lens requires less light to create a proper exposure. If you want to take pictures with readily available light, this is particularly beneficial.


Another essential element to think about when choosing your lens is its maximum aperture. If you want to take a sweeping landscape where whatever needs to be in focus you would utilize a narrow (high number) aperture. Picking a lens with a wider aperture offers you more choices when out shooting.

It is well known that lenses can cost as much, or more, than cams themselves. It is likewise worth noting that with lenses you get exactly what you pay for. While no tool can singularly make the distinction in between a great image and a bad one, a well built lens utilizing quality glass, can lead to sharper pictures. It is worth thinking about the lenses you buy thoroughly and investing in the finest quality you can pay for. Knowing what sort of photography you wish to pursue can make this procedure a great deal less daunting and more cost effective.

From broad angle to telephoto, zoom to prime lenses, fish eye, fast lenses, broad aperture lenses, the choice appears to be impossible. There are advantages to using both zoom lenses and prime (fixed or non zoom) lenses. On one hand, zoom lenses are flexible, and lower the need for a whole bag full of lenses that you need to alter and change once again while you are out shooting. The other fantastic advantage of prime lenses is that because of this, they tend to be “quicker” than zoom lenses. Another important aspect to consider when selecting your lens is its maximum aperture.

Richard’s Photography in San Antonio Texas. Professional photographer for 26 years.

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Scrapbooking Your Christmas Memories Made Easy

Christmas memories are some of our fondest, most heartwarming ones. To help you remember, listed below is a list of Christmas mementos and memories you’ll want to catch in your scrapbook album.

Christmas Card Design For Scrapbooking
Lowering the Tree
For those who get their trees from a timberland, cutting down the tree is a preferred Christmas activity. Take photos of the tree before, throughout and after the cutting. Journal about who chose the tree, where you got the tree and what the weather condition was like that day.
Trimming the Tree
Whether your tree is artificial or real, cutting the tree is a special event. Take images of the tree in different phases of being decorated. Consist of individuals hanging their preferred ornaments, putting on the star or angel, and posing with the fully embellished and lit tree.
Deck the Halls
In addition to the tree, you probably have lots of other Christmas designs throughout your home. Take photos of the foyer, staircase, dining room or any other room you’ve improved for the vacations. If you have outside screens and lights, keep in mind to take images of them, too.
We all have our own Christmas traditions such as baking cookies, going caroling, or hosting the community celebration. Include your household’s cookie recipe or some of the words from a favorite Christmas carol.
Letters to Santa/Christmas Lists
If you have kids who compose Christmas lists and/or letters to Santa, make copies before mailing them so that they can be maintained in your scrapbook album. You, your children and your grandchildren will certainly delight in checking out those letters together one day.
‘T was the Night Before Christmas
Here are some ideas of what to take pictures of on Christmas Eve: the household dinner; a gathering of friends and family; everyone dressed in their “Sunday best” for Christmas Eve mass; stockings hung by the chimney with care; snack/drink/note left for Santa and his reindeer. Remember to conserve it for the scrapbook album if Santa leaves the note behind.
Christmas Morning
And it might not be simple to get certain shots if you have young children Christmas early morning can be quite disorderly. Some to pursue are: the kids boiling down the stairs and/or into the space with the tree; the tree prior to all the gifts go flying; the full stockings hanging by the fireplace; everyone with his/her favorite gift; the family breakfast.
Christmas Visiting
Whether you’re traveling over the river and through the woods or hosting in your home, it’s difficult to obtain pictures of everyone you’re celebrating with. Try for an entire group image (if the group’s not too big) or simplify into smaller groups: the grandparents with the grandchildren; the grandparents with their own children; the men/boys; the women/girls; 3 or more generations; a photo of each family. Keep in mind to consist of everybody’s name in your journaling.
Christmas Card and Newsletter
Particularly if your Christmas card has a photo of your household or kids on it, be sure to put it in your scrapbook album. You might also wish to include any special cards you received– for example, a child’s very first Christmas card from Grandma and Grandpa. And if you write an annual newsletter to send out with your Christmas cards, put a copy of the newsletter in your scrapbook album also.
Christmas Portraits
The holidays have the tendency to be a time for formal/professional portraits: household portraits, pictures of the kids, and the traditional picture with Santa. You can make a two-page spread of the letters along with the picture of the children on Santa’s lap if you saved your kids’s letters to Santa.
Keep this Christmas list of scrapbooking concepts convenient during the holiday, and you’ll make sure to catch those valuable Christmas memories.  Merry Christmas and Happy Scrapping!

For those who get their trees from a tree farm, cutting down the tree is a preferred Christmas activity. In addition to the tree, you probably have lots of other Christmas decorations throughout the home. Particularly if your Christmas card has an image of your family or children on it, be sure to put it in your scrapbook album. And if you write an annual newsletter to send out with your Christmas cards, put a copy of the newsletter in your scrapbook album.
Keep this Christmas list of scrapbooking ideas useful throughout the vacation season, and you’ll be sure to capture those precious Christmas memories.


Preparation for a Wedding Event And Still Trying To Find The Perfect Professional photographer

Wedding event photography in San Antonio is possibly the most important field due to the fact that these are the unique moments in life we wish to record. Portraits are essential and often play a significant coming in wedding photography, however there are more to the wedding and finding the best photographer. Below are several ideas to finding the ideal photographer for you.

San Antonio Photo Bride Waiting For Her Wedding to Start

Equipment is among the most important aspects. There are new professional photographers who will start out not having the ability to afford a lot of cam devices, lights, tripods and so on. This does not make them a bad professional photographer, but it can suggest they will miss out on important wedding event moments when they are reloading the film on one electronic camera. In today’s world a wedding event photographer need to have at least one digital camera at the expert grade and two film cameras. A successful professional photographer will have enough cams to put appropriate lenses on and be able to change sd card in the digital video camera with ease. They need to also have a video camera run by another person to record the entire wedding.

Experience will determine the expense of the photographer. Many photographers who have actually been on the circuit longer will charge in between $3000 and $10,000 for wedding event photos. All of it depends upon the kind of bundle you will desire and how many assistants they will have to cover the entire affair. Other professional photographers generally charge between $300- $3000 relying on the plan and their experience. A widely known wedding professional photographer is going to cost more, just for the name. These plans frequently represent their experience in addition to the devices they can utilize. A digital video camera does not cost film, but acquiring one can be pricey so most brand-new professional photographers may charge a little bit more to replace the cost of the equipment.

Price of a wedding professional photographer ought to only be a moderate concern. The leading important aspect of a professional wedding event photographer lies in their photography abilities. A wedding photographer requires to see these moments and capture them as well as get the pictures.

Wedding Couple at Their Wedding Along a River San Antonio TX

The standard wedding event photography will consist of the hands with the shinning wedding bands positioned on a pillow or covered around the bride-to-be’s waist. The wedding event photographer should be able to posture you while catching the light and background.

Photography is a complex occupation when you have an important day such as a wedding you will desire the very best. You may have ideas of the photographs you want and the wedding event photograph will be thankful to help bring those concepts to fruition. Photography is about lighting, catching those vulnerable moments, and creating memories that will last forever.

Portraits by a San Antonio photographer are crucial and typically play a significant roll in wedding event photography, but there are more to the wedding and discovering the ideal photographer. In today’s world a wedding photographer ought to have at least one digital camera at the expert grade and 2 film electronic cameras. The top essential element of an expert wedding event professional photographer lies in their photography skills. A wedding event professional photographer requires to see these moments and capture them as well as obtain the portraits. See Our Online Raves

The standard wedding photography will consist of the hands with the shinning wedding event bands placed on a pillow or wrapped around the bride-to-be’s waist.

It Easy To Click Then Print Your Photography Images?

Click And Print: Photography Sites

As a professional photographer, you are up against stiff competitors when it pertains to getting tasks or gigs. Papers, publications, weddings, family and trainee photos– how do you reach the plethora of individuals who may have an interest in hiring you? Portfolios are pricey and targeting the numerous various sections of the population who would gain from your services is no basic marketing accomplishment.

professional headhot suit and tie san antonio photographer

By developing your own photography site to display your work and your services, you handle all these issues in one fell swoop.

Digital photography provides you the ability to share your work with the world. You might still choose to offer 35 millimeter prints or other specialized picture services, digital photography is where the cash is in the industry.

At variable qualities, you can display the different designs of photography at which you are skilled. Other things you can do with your photography website include:

– List hours and services and prices. If you are just available to work at night and on weekends, list this on your site. List various services that you provide consisting of wedding infant, photography and pregnancy images, family portraits, student photos, pet photography, and more. Listing prices is not a requirement, but something that is extremely recommended. Offering a variety of bundles with the option to tailor will assist potential customers know right now whether they can manage your services.

– Special offers or discount rates. Monthly discount rates or unique deals for very first time customers, discounts for repeat customers or numerous plans can likewise be shown on your photography site. They might also be an excellent ‘time clock’ reward if they are upgraded often and set to change within a week or less.

Another option you may consider is using a membership service for your photography through your site. Providing one time downloads and a subscription service with a large net of types of photography might be one way to increase your sales earnings while shooting whatever you like and increasing your portrait portfolio.

– Order prints. Choose a shopping cart on your website and enable those who may have simply stopped by to inspect you out to acquire a print for download immediately.

– Commission order forms. For customized orders or plans or to set up special shoots, you can create an order type for your photography website that will allow them to be as specific as they like about what exactly it is that they’re searching for.

– Offer photographic services. List and specify your services in detail. Some may not even realize that they are looking for the exact photographic service that just you can supply.

– Contact information. Consist of everything that a possible client may require: email address, land line, cellular phone, studio address.

– Part of the San Antonio neighborhood. Connect to the remainder of the photography neighborhood by using a link page: San Antonio photo supply websites, , videographers, etc.

– Be innovative. Show your talent, variety, and creativity. Inspire your clients to influence you.

Digital photography offers you the ability to share your work with the world. You may still pick to provide 35 millimeter prints or other specialized picture services, digital photography is where the loan is in the industry.

List various services that you offer consisting of wedding pregnancy, photography and baby images, household pictures, student images, animal photography, and more. Another choice you may consider is providing a membership service for your photography through your site. Using one time downloads and a subscription service with a wide net of types of photography might be one method to increase your sales revenue while shooting whatever you like and increasing your portfolio.

Top Answers to Photography Questions on Quora

Recently I started answering a lot of questions pertaining to photography and how to get into the photography business. A lot of people want the fast answer and to rise to the the top as fast as possible. That doesn’t happen in this world. A photographer has to work hard to achieve the professional level. https://goo.gl/9sHf7J

A person must study for months if not years to become good at the art of taking photographs for payment.  Read Article Not everyone who has a camera can just jump into the business. One must first work under a professional and get some knowledge under their belt. It’s more than just point and click. You have to know how and why.


This is my best recommendation. Get the camera you can afford, look for a pro that will mentor you. It may be that you work for free for a while or maybe minimum wage. You will gain experience by watching and asking questions. You have to to pay attention and take mental notes of the pro photographer is doing with their camera and the lighting. Then once you get some experience you can start being an apprentice or even try a few small jobs for a little less pay. Read this article.