Top Answers to Photography Questions on Quora

Recently I started answering a lot of questions pertaining to photography and how to get into the photography business. A lot of people want the fast answer and to rise to the the top as fast as possible. That doesn’t happen in this world. A photographer has to work hard to achieve the professional level.

A person must study for months if not years to become good at the art of taking photographs for payment.  Read Article Not everyone who has a camera can just jump into the business. One must first work under a professional and get some knowledge under their belt. It’s more than just point and click. You have to know how and why.


This is my best recommendation. Get the camera you can afford, look for a pro that will mentor you. It may be that you work for free for a while or maybe minimum wage. You will gain experience by watching and asking questions. You have to to pay attention and take mental notes of the pro photographer is doing with their camera and the lighting. Then once you get some experience you can start being an apprentice or even try a few small jobs for a little less pay. Read this article.