Real Estate Agent Headshot Photography

Achieving The Best Headshots

Here are some good ideas for real estate headshot photography Number 1, check out the surroundings at the office of the real estate office. Inside there are many pieces on the walls around the different office and even the kitchen area that can make for some interesting backdrops.

black and wite real estate headshot

Outdoor Portraits

Number 2, Outside the real estate office. If you know what you’re doing with your camera you can create some nice looking and creative headshots. Use a high shutter speed to blur out distracting backgrounds. Blurred backgrounds can give your professional headshot a very interesting look. Both indoor and outdoor headshots have their advantages.

real estate agent headshot san antonio

Clothing Tips

Wearing colorful clothing for outdoor headshots can really make a nice portrait for your marketing materials. People tend to gravitate and attract to colors. Bright colors for outside portraits are actually the best. Be sure to have your hair looking it’s best. For women it’s a good idea to put on extra makeup. It can’t hurt. If you’re including your hands in the photos then be sure your nails are done properly.

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