Day to Day Life of a Photographer

her_0008_1_ppIt’s day to day being a professional photographer. You may not always have work every day or maybe you’ll go two to three weeks without a call. Then all of a sudden the phone rings like crazy and you start to appreciate the slower times. No, not really, it stinks not working especially when you love photography and love to create portraits for people.

Pace yourself, yes pace. You have to take the good with the bad. Don’t look at it as bad but a time to catch up on learning new and newer lessons on photography which is your craft. Watch plenty of videos from older photographers and yes, you can learn from the newer photographers that have only been out in the field for a year or two.

Bottom line is not to give up and always look to new ways to improve your photography skills. You don’t know everything there is to know so try to keep learning. It should give you inspiration to keep looking forward to more portrait sessions.


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