Honest But Brutal Review on Photography Price Shoppers

Be Prepared to Be Shocked By My Honesty

senior-portrait-prices-ArtFor those of you that fall into this category, this post may offend you. It’s my brutal and honest review on how we feel when people call us looking for senior portrait prices. If this review offends or shocks you then my point has been made.

Calling a photographer by choosing a random number is not the way to hire a photographer especially if the photographs are important to you. I’ll never understand how you can hire someone based on the price. What is the point of calling around if you don’t know what kind of photography work that certain photographer produces. He could give you a sill low-ball price and you have no idea what kind of pictures you’ll receive. You could waste your time and effort on someone who has no idea what they’re doing.

Hiring a photographer is a process. First, you need to call and listen how the person answers the phone. Are they friendly and patient? Are they trying to sell you or just give you the facts about the company and the way they operate? These are all crucial things to know so you’ll know what to expect when it comes time for your actual photography session.

So, you have a choice. Hire anyone with a cheap price or investigate, look at samples of work and pay what the photographer is charging. It basically a one-time payment to get the quality of photographs you need and deserve.

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For those of you San Antonio high school seniors that want quality portraits and a photographer that will give you creative and artsy images, we are your photographer. We aim to please and not follow trends. We work with each senior on an individual basis and give 100% of our efforts into creating portraits you’ll be delighted to show anyone you know.  Contact our senior portrait studio about seeing samples of our work and to schedule an appointment at our San Antonio portrait studio.

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