Using Alternative Ways To Advertise Your Photography Website

Are you wondering how to get the word out about your photography business?  There are several ways to get people’s attention but here’s one for starters. Sign up for a free Tumblr website and start writing a couple of blog posts each week. You will eventually start seeing traffic that you can point to the direction of your home website. If you’re a photographer with a studio you can post a number of photographs that are sure to attract attention and get the phone ringing.

Single Mother With Children Photography Session in San Antonio

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Youtube is an awesome way to showcase your online gallery of images. You can load hundreds of photos into the video and add titles and subtitles to each image shown. This will show the quality of the photographs you provide and create for your potential clients.  You can show the name of your business, your web address and phone number. This is a great way to expand your Youtube channel and get followers and potential portrait customers to your photography business.

Facebook is am endless advertising medium for your photo business. You can grab the attention of local people and show off your photography style of shooting. You create categories of services, post the times and days you’re open for business plus add your website address. You can post your latest photo shoots and potentially catch the eye of local communities. Often some pictures can catch for and go viral. Make sure you put some kind of description. Facebook also offers a way for you to start your own group. So, if you want to teach photo classes you can invite people to your facebook photography group page and have discussions about your artistic passion.

Hopefully these are all good tips to give you some fresh ideas for your marketing.

We have been photographers in San Antonio for over 25 years. Our photo business changes each year and we are always having to roll with the changes and adapt to what’s bringing in and attracting photography customers.

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