Taking Prom Portraits at The Dance or By Professional Photographer

Aca-AC0034-GoogleSo, you’re ready for the high school prom. You have your dress laid out. Your shoes are polished, you have your makeup ready. Now, what’s going to make the day memorable for years to come?

You get to the prom and there’s a line of impatient kids waiting to get their pictures taken by the hired dance photographer. You finally get up there to take your shot and you are rushed through. The photographer is stressed to get as many couples taken before they all leave the line.

What’s the safest thing to so to make the moment is captured? Go to a professional photographer and have your prom portraits taken without being rushed. You can bring your dress and your date in his tuxedo and you can both have portraits done without the hurry and stress. We have taken these types of prom date portraits before and they are usually stunning.

It’s the start of the senior year at your high school. Above everything else at school make sure getting a good photographer is on your list of priorities.

We can do that for you. We have a professional portrait studio here in San Antonio, Texas. Make an appointment with us. It’s worth it to take a little time out of your day.


Honest But Brutal Review on Photography Price Shoppers

Be Prepared to Be Shocked By My Honesty

senior-portrait-prices-ArtFor those of you that fall into this category, this post may offend you. It’s my brutal and honest review on how we feel when people call us looking for senior portrait prices. If this review offends or shocks you then my point has been made.

For those of you San Antonio high school seniors that want quality portraits and a photographer that will give you creative and artsy images, we are your photographer. We aim to please and not follow trends. We work with each senior on an individual basis and give 100% of our efforts into creating portraits you’ll be delighted to show anyone you know.  Contact our senior portrait studio about seeing samples of our work and to schedule an appointment at our San Antonio portrait studio.

Click Here to read http://richardsphotography.com/blog/senior-portraits-pricing-and-rates-for-year-2016-and-2017/

Using Alternative Ways To Advertise Your Photography Website

Are you wondering how to get the word out about your photography business?  There are several ways to get people’s attention but here’s one for starters. Sign up for a free Tumblr website and start writing a couple of blog posts each week. You will eventually start seeing traffic that you can point to the direction of your home website. If you’re a photographer with a studio you can post a number of photographs that are sure to attract attention and get the phone ringing.

We have been photographers in San Antonio for over 20 years. Our photo business changes each year and we are always having to roll with the changes and adapt to what’s bringing in and attracting photography customers.

You’ll find a map to our photography studio at this link.

Is Social Media Crucial To Your Photography Business

Donna_3515_pp2Yes, social media is crucial to your photography business. There are many social sites like Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin just to name a few. Many people skip right over the local search engines and see who’s trending or who’s popular one any given social media site.

If you have a photography business and it’s important to keep your doors open to new business then you must follow the crowd. Social media pages are here to stay. Don’t get left behind and let your portrait photography get left in the dust.

Social Media Headshot Photographer San Antonio Texas

Contact or visit our website today. You can find us by searching our San Antonio map location.

Finding Our Photography Studio in San Antonio

casual senior portrait with red shirtWe are good portrait photographers in San Antonio Tx.  Our services include professional headshots for business portraits, real estate photography and general portraiture like senior pictures.

For the photo client wanting something special and unique we can create it for them. Be sure to visit our website to see other work from previous clients. Our portrait studio has been in operation since 1991.  See our online reputation.



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